Trot up the tower and Ingleton falls.

Last Thursday my body clock was messed up,  I was up all night and asleep in the day. Fortunately I woke up with some daylight still remaining. Enough time for a trot to the tower, looking for a cache I had previously been unable to get due to muggles. The GZ area was all burnt due to a grass fire, I thought the cache would surely have been damaged, but no, there it was. It was in a pile of rocks , disguised as a rock! Pretty cool.

No prizes to be had today unfortunately.

On the Saturday I suggested that we drive to Ingleton waterfall trail for a walk. It was a cloudy and muggy day, but not rainy so that was good. I was not feeling good today, feeling bloated and ugly, but I tried to put it to the back of my mind. There was only one cache here, an earth cache, I presume they can’t hide cache boxes in a place that visitors have to pay to enter. Here is the earth cache with one of my plastic geocaching smilies. The waterfall is called Thorton force and was very pretty. I wanted to sit under it but , I may have got a bit too wet!

Here is another lovely waterfall.

I had taken a fairy wish jar with me to hide , which dee tee brought me from the Isle of Man.  Fairies like waterfalls, so I figured there would be some about. Here is dee tee crossing the river to hide the wish, it was a bit too treacherous  for me!

He took me a picture of the hiding place in a tree root💜

We had an ice cream half way round the walk which was welcome due to me sweating like mad in the mugginess. On the way back we saw lots of slates which people had written their names on, so I added to them.

When we got home we went to for some drinks in deetee’s friends garden which was nice with a fire and a gazebo. I didn’t want to go as I was nervous and crying, but I actually enjoyed myself a lot. So all in all I had a good day despite my brain working against me!


Dunham and deers

It was bank holiday Monday this week. Dee tee and myself had been out to Darwen music live on the Sunday and had plenty of beers. It’s safe to say that on the Monday morning I was not feeling too great. I felt tired and sicky. But, dee tee had taken time out from working to stay with me so I couldn’t very well stay in bed all day! I decided that we could go to Dunham Massey, an old stately home and gardens. There was an exhibition here which recreated the time in World War One when the house was used as a military hospital. It was super interesting for me, we looked around it after a spot of lunch which was V. tasty.

Then we moved onto looking around the gardens, firstly stopping off at a craft stand where I made my own rose.

It was a bit early to see the gardens in full bloom but they were lovely all the same. 2 sets of roses were flowering, both of which I had a sniff of.

 From the garden we moved to walking around the deer park. I was amazed to see these lovely creatures so close up.

 Around the deer park there were plenty of geocaches. After a bad start we got on a roll and found a few. Some good treasures were to be had, made up for the fact I tripped up and hurt my wrists.

 I liked the marble as it reminded me of dee tees blue eyes 🙂 The keyring is ace as it glows in the dark. There is a travel bug here which I must move on soon. All in all a fab day.


Caching for fitness

After numerous stresses at the end of last year, I piled on some chunk. I tipped the scales at over 13 stone and felt absolutely crap. With a sunny holiday looming I had to up my exercise in order to shed some timber. At first I tried to go on a walk every day, but in between busy night shifts where I am on my feet for 10 hours, it was too much, it was making me ill. I decided to walk on my days off instead. (I’m currently writing this sat in the cemetery after a walk up from town). 
This cache was found on a Saturday morning at about 6am. My crazy body clock had woken me early and I thought I might as well go hunting, it would give me some much needed exercise. I’d say caching is much better than the gym! Off up to the tower I went. This little treasure was found under some rocks in the heather, the clue was very easy. 

The cache was called ‘reservoir view’ but the reservoir wasn’t looking too pretty this windy morning, it was empty. There are lots of caches near to this one but I had taken the wrong path to get to them, something for another day. 


Sunnyhurst saunter

I had woken up after my night shift on a Sunday afternoon and the day was nice enough to go for a wander , so off I set with dee tee on a cache hunt.

Firstly we arrived at sunnyhurst wood and I was very delighted to find a fairies house, I wrote out a wish for them to look at and left some treasure in return for my wish being granted 🙂

Dee tee had his new sat map thing with all the caches on, but it wasn’t working too well! For one cache we couldn’t find the right spot, and near another there were too many chav muggles with dogs. Dee tee finally found one and it was from reading the description and not from the GPS, he did well to find it, he’s learning well. And there was treasure to be had, snagged this dino …

 Onwards and upwards , very upwards up donkey brew, I stroked a horse and left some raisins in a bird feeding trough. Had a nice beer at the top of the hill, slipped down well 🙂 We sat outside, although it was sunny it was chilly, cuddles kept me warm 🙂 We then went for a meal at the Rock inn tockholes , wasn’t the best meal I’ve had taste wise but good because I was with my love. 💜


An update

So , here is a quick update, I have not posted on this blog for a while. The thing is, I split up with my geocaching partner M. After that I felt bit sad to go geocaching as it was something we shared together and had some good times doing. Then I thought, well it’s my hobby, I introduced him to it and I was doing it before him, so I should continue!

Back in February I went to London for a seminar about self love 🙂 Whilst catching the train from London Euston I thought it would be rude not to grab a sneaky cache. I wanted to get it on previous trips but had not had chance. I thought I had got away with signing the log without many muggles being about, only to then realise there was a bus stop full of people stood behind me.

The log mentions my new and true love dee tee 💜

At the beginning of March I thought I would show dee tee the delights of geocaching, and we went to Wycollar park near Burnley, a place I had passed many times and thought it looked interesting as it had an art installation there. The first hunt did not go well, we looked all over near a duck pond and there was nothing to be seen, I wondered what dee tee must’ve been thinking. Then, in the pouring soggy rain, we walked up to the Pendle atom , a metal structure on top of the hill which is a lovely vantage point, it is near here that dee tee got his first cache 🙂

  Above is a rock I bought in the gift shop, it is painted in the form of the Pendle atom and I got it as a souvenir of our first afternoon out together. Our sogginess was dried by a nice brew in the warm tea shop afterwards 🙂


Haworth hike

Ok so less of a hike and more of a slow meander, but hike began with H 🙂
We came to Haworth this Saturday for the halloween dragon parade. With 99 geocaches under my belt , it would be rude not to grab that special one whilst here for the day. Soon after parking we were in the base of a tree digging out my 100th cache!! And snagged a chopper too.
2014-10-26 18.07.26
We walked back down to main street via a church and graveyards , in which there was a clue to finding a cache near the church, we had to work out co-ordinates by the dates on a particular gravestone, yet we could not find this gravestone of ‘tabby’ at all, I think my GPS was out. We did see some interesting names on stones though, ‘pickles feather’ being my favourite and I have called myself it on twitter for the time being 🙂 After this we went to the craft fair, £1 to get in but we got a free brew. I bought some lovely stones, some obsidian to protect from negativity and some hematite which I love but can also give energy. From the fair we visited a few shops, more goodies fell into my poseession 🙂 and it was time for the parade , but nothing was to be seen. We overheard the dragon king saying it would start a bit later at 3pm and not 2, so we trundled to the park for another cache. Spent a good while foraging in foliage for this cache in the park without any joy, so we went back up to main street and saw the dragon. We were a bit disappointed that the ‘parade’ was just one woman lol.
2014-10-25 14.54.02

The halloween decorations on the main street were pretty cool.

2014-10-25 14.19.30

After a few naughty stops at choccy / sweet shops on the way back to the carpark, onwards and home, not without a little driveby cache outside of Howarth. This had lovely views over the town and was behind a telegraph pole. The log was very wet and we couldn’t sign it , but I used one of my personalised stickers 🙂 pro cacher 🙂 This is a bead I got from that last cache.

2014-10-26 19.45.00


Malham meander

This week I have been on annual leave from work. Went to Blackpool with mum for a few nights for the main event of watching riverdance. I enjoyed the show but sitting for a long time makes me ache so I was glad when it was finished. I have been visiting the chiropractor this week to try and help my aches and pains.
On Friday, M was off uni due to a teacher training day, so we set out to Malham for an adventure. I came here a few years back and walked a very long way , but we did more of a meander this day.
Firstly we walked up a hill from the village to a fence post. We found a cache which was placed by a schools geography department, which I thought was rather cute 🙂
I got this marble which I looked like a lovely blue eye to me. Sorry about the pic, I’m no still no expert.

2014-10-26 18.04.37
Following this we walked up and down fell towards Janets foss, the weather looked rather threatening on the way up.

2014-10-24 14.47.54

The foss was very mystical, apparently a fairy lives behind the waterfall. I have had a fairy wish jar for a while and I had a wish written inside it, I left it at the foss and I hope the fairy queen finds it and grants it! The waterfall was too strong to get behind today though. This was a special cache as it was my first EARTH CACHE. I didn’t know what one of these was but apparently you take a picture of yourself at the site and email the cache owner this and some answers to questions about the area. I won’t put our mugs on this blog but here is the waterfall.

2014-10-24 15.20.57-1

Here is a nice stream near Janets foss.

2014-10-24 15.10.41

After this we wandered to Gordale scar for another earth cache. What an astounding area this was, beautiful. M kept kissing the rocks he liked them so much ha. There was a traditional cache here too where I found a giraffe, I was pleased at this because I love giraffes. Here is some nice scenery on the way to the scar.

2014-10-24 15.42.43

We had to walk up a very steep hill on the way back and it hurt M’s legs. On the drive home we stopped off for one last cache in a church car park. There were muggles about so we walked around the churchyard. A friendly dog walker gave us some church facts, it was a bit embarrassing as the dog kept sniffing my front bum and M’s arse!!! We finally found the cache and a lovely red gem.
2014-10-26 18.05.42