Rivington Ramble

Had a Sunday afternoon off in May, so we decided to go for a walk. I have had tendonitis in my foot and have been out of action for a while whilst it recovered. Still going to work of course but walks in the country were a no-no. I thought we would go to rivington pike, it was over 20 years since I had been here and I held good memories of it. It was hard work getting to the top of it , amazing how quickly fitness dwindles when you don’t exercise regularly. Arrived at a converted barn which housed a cafe and bar, there were hundreds of bikers there. It was a nice sunny day and it would’ve been nice to have a pint in the sun, but deetee was driving. We made our way up to the pike. Here it is below. You can’t go in it, it’s just a stone block, not sure why it was built, there was no information on it.

I couldn’t believe how dirty it was around this place. Hundreds of dog poo bags strewn about (why bother putting it in bags?!) , junk and rubbish piled up next to the paths, litter all over. Such a shame and ruined what would be a nice walk.

We did manage to find a geocache through all the litter 🙂 Just the one, as we seemed to be going in the wrong direction for the others in the area. I found a lovely pink plastic snake in the cache , the pic of it on this blog has disappeared and I have since thrown away said snake, so you don’t get to see it 😦

Finished off with a Mr. Whippy from an ice cream van. Wish I had taken a pic as it was huuuuge, it had lime sauce on and I keep craving another one 🙂


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