Tramping around Tromsø

So, we had a cold and lovely time in Tromsø, Norway this month. We visited museums , went on a husky sled, fed reindeers, saw the northern lights, went snow shoeing and sampled the local fayre, all in 3 days!

 Here is me feeding what was my favourite white reindeer 🙂 
Here is our husky sled, which crashed by the way.  

  Below is our snow shoe adventure, which was really hard work!
Somehow, in between all this activity we managed to snag a few geocaches. My first foreign geocache was discovered while walking back along the huge bridge,  which we had crossed to view the Arctic cathedral. This was only a micro cache.   The day after we had a bit of time to spare inbetween reindeer stroking and aurora chasing, so we hunted for more. We ended up along a breakwater on the tromsø harbour. We were unsure at first as to whether we were allowed down there but that’s where the GPS took us. Dee tee was the one scrambling in the snow to find the caches bless him. The pic below shows him searching under some waterside huts, I was scared he was going to fall into the icy depths!

There were no tourists around here, lovely and peaceful and great views across to the city which we would never had seen if not for geocaching.
I found a travel bug, which I always love , I’ve yet to move it on. I also found a seal, which was quite apt as we had been to see some seals in the Polaria museum on our first day. Also got what looks like a caterpillar, I thought it was super cute, I am going to put it on a string and make a necklace out of it. 

Excuse the crinkled bedsheets. 


January Japes

It had been raining for weeks and weeks, every day off I had since Christmas and before was wet and I couldn’t get out in the fresh air. I was feeling low and cooped up, so I took this opportunity to have a walk one Sunday, which was particularly warm for a January. I had planned to take this route on a walk with workmates the following week, so deetee was showing me the way and we were also checking if it was passable due to recent floodings.

It was wet, very wet.

It was very very muddy. I slipped in the mud and buried half of my iPhone, the speaker doesn’t work properly now.

We could see all the debris at the side of the river which the high waters had left behind, and there was damage to bridges. I decided that I wouldn’t take my workmates here or the dogs would disappear in the mud! It was a nice walk, but probably nicer in summer.

I was happy to grab my first geocaches of the year. We found a travel bug which I will take to Norway with me. I liked the teddy bear reflector , I will also take that to Norway to put on my bag, it gets dark early there at this time of year. It’s good to find something useful in a cache 🙂

We were going out for tea, but I had to go and get cleaned up before that! Went to wetherspoons to spend a few slimming world syns on food and wine 🙂