Soggy Sunday

It was a December Sunday , unusually mild for the time of year. It had been raining for the past week, and today was still a bit drizzly. There was a carol concert in sunnyhurst woods, in the bandstand. Despite the sogginess, myself and deetee went for a look. We joined in with a few carols and had a mince pie, unfortunately the mulled wine had run out! The plan was to walk another few miles to the village of tockholes for some food, I considered not doing that due to the poor weather, but we braved it. We didn’t get overly wet,  but it was a bit damp and miserable! I had not been walking for a bit though, so it felt awesome to get a bit of fresh air in my lungs. A bonus was the finding of a geocache, I had wanted to get it previously but we had been on the wrong path. Not much inside but got this, whatever it is.

Finally got to the pub and had a lovely meal. There was a little gift shop there, and deetee got mum a Christmas present which I reckon she will love! 

We walked on to another pub, my feet were KILLING me in some new walking boots (I am going to sell them by the way ). Had to have a wine to quell the pain before a taxi home 🙂


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