A look around Lancaster.

We had previously picked up a leaflet detailing walks around Lancaster and planned to do one. This sunny Sunday was the perfect opportunity. I had a headache due to too much wine and I didn’t want to go out.. but I did!

We had a lovely walk along the estuary. My phone was broken so we were relying on deetee’s phone to find us some geocaches , however, it was being rubbish and the GPS was all over the place.   
 I was grumpy because my geocaching finds of late have been few and far between. Since I came back from holiday I have been non stop working and there has been no time for walking & caching. We had a look around Hollingworth lake near Bury the other week. We found a few caches (no treasure though) and had a nice meal by the lake. 

These lovely baby swans made up for the lack of geocaches.

We stopped at a couple of great pubs along our walk. There is something about sitting outside a pub next to water that makes a pint taste better! Onwards, and I had my first walk across an aqueduct. Not sure why this excited me but it did πŸ™‚ 

I also saw my first heron today πŸ™‚ Beautiful bird.

In one  of the pubs  there was this heron badge for sale, naturally I got it to remind me of my encounter!
I was having a great day without any geocaches , but then, the phone behaved long enough for us to find THIS beauty, a cache in a rat πŸ™‚

Here is another one we found, a micro on a bridge.

When we got back to Lancaster city centre my legs were tired and it was good to have a sit down (in another pub). We went to merchants 1688. I love this place, I love vaulted ceilings. This is apparently an old wine cellar.

I had a starter and main from the specials board. The first time for me trying wild boar, it was awesome ! We then went to a little bar playing live music before our train home. What a nice day πŸ™‚