Damp discoveries

I was up early again the other damp Sunday, was out walking for half 7. I noticed that a few new caches had popped up around Darwen , so I thought I’d have a look.  First stop was up near astley bank hotel, I knew this existed but I’d never seen it. It is really pretty, I’d say it would be a lovely place for a traditional wedding, but I didn’t see inside, might be a right dump. Anyway, I didn’t find the caches up here 😦

Next I ventured up bury fold lane and got my first cache of the day, it was inside a log, which I had looked underneath before realising it was the actual cache. Onwards and upwards, here is a cache on a gate post, I had given up on it and walked away before deciding to have one last try. 

At the next one I was startled when I looked up and saw a muggle …

Lots of steep inclines and DNFs followed , I was starting to lose the will, but a nice view at the path summit made it worthwhile.

So far I had not found any treasure! I was a bit lost on a path I didn’t recognise , but eventually came out at a site where I had a previous DNF. I thought I’d give it another go , and BINGO!

Back home in time to go to Trafford centre with deetee for holiday things 🙂 


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