Jumbles Jaunt

Myself and deetee had purchased a picnic bag and a picnic blanket. Last Saturday we decided to put them to good use seeing as the weather forecast was looking fine. We drove to the strawbury duck pub and set off around wayoh and jumbles reservoir , I think it was about an 8 mile walk we did. We found a picnic spot about half way round , it was like a little beach next to the reservoir. 

We had some nice cheeses and prosecco and lots of other bits, it was quite yummy. Below is the view to our spot from across the way.

Here is a butterfly which stayed still long enough for me to take a photo.

Of course, there were plenty of geocaches about. We got muggled at one point and had to explain what we were doing. I couldn’t find my pen on the stretch home so missed out a lot of caches. I was hot and tired and full by this time so probably couldn’t have been bothered to look anyway. 

Here are some of my treasures, I particularly liked the caterpillar trowel thing. The loom band ring was a bit rubbish but the best of a bad lot in one cache. I also found a fairy pencil sharpener but forgot to add it to the picture.

My fave thing though was my ladybird, because I love them 🙂

By the time I got to the pub I was too tired to have a pint even. I had done a lot of walking last week. I made up for the lack of pintage when back at home in my jim jams 🙂


Damp discoveries

I was up early again the other damp Sunday, was out walking for half 7. I noticed that a few new caches had popped up around Darwen , so I thought I’d have a look.  First stop was up near astley bank hotel, I knew this existed but I’d never seen it. It is really pretty, I’d say it would be a lovely place for a traditional wedding, but I didn’t see inside, might be a right dump. Anyway, I didn’t find the caches up here 😦

Next I ventured up bury fold lane and got my first cache of the day, it was inside a log, which I had looked underneath before realising it was the actual cache. Onwards and upwards, here is a cache on a gate post, I had given up on it and walked away before deciding to have one last try. 

At the next one I was startled when I looked up and saw a muggle …

Lots of steep inclines and DNFs followed , I was starting to lose the will, but a nice view at the path summit made it worthwhile.

So far I had not found any treasure! I was a bit lost on a path I didn’t recognise , but eventually came out at a site where I had a previous DNF. I thought I’d give it another go , and BINGO!

Back home in time to go to Trafford centre with deetee for holiday things 🙂