Trot up the tower and Ingleton falls.

Last Thursday my body clock was messed up,  I was up all night and asleep in the day. Fortunately I woke up with some daylight still remaining. Enough time for a trot to the tower, looking for a cache I had previously been unable to get due to muggles. The GZ area was all burnt due to a grass fire, I thought the cache would surely have been damaged, but no, there it was. It was in a pile of rocks , disguised as a rock! Pretty cool.

No prizes to be had today unfortunately.

On the Saturday I suggested that we drive to Ingleton waterfall trail for a walk. It was a cloudy and muggy day, but not rainy so that was good. I was not feeling good today, feeling bloated and ugly, but I tried to put it to the back of my mind. There was only one cache here, an earth cache, I presume they can’t hide cache boxes in a place that visitors have to pay to enter. Here is the earth cache with one of my plastic geocaching smilies. The waterfall is called Thorton force and was very pretty. I wanted to sit under it but , I may have got a bit too wet!

Here is another lovely waterfall.

I had taken a fairy wish jar with me to hide , which dee tee brought me from the Isle of Man.  Fairies like waterfalls, so I figured there would be some about. Here is dee tee crossing the river to hide the wish, it was a bit too treacherous  for me!

He took me a picture of the hiding place in a tree root💜

We had an ice cream half way round the walk which was welcome due to me sweating like mad in the mugginess. On the way back we saw lots of slates which people had written their names on, so I added to them.

When we got home we went to for some drinks in deetee’s friends garden which was nice with a fire and a gazebo. I didn’t want to go as I was nervous and crying, but I actually enjoyed myself a lot. So all in all I had a good day despite my brain working against me!