Dunham and deers

It was bank holiday Monday this week. Dee tee and myself had been out to Darwen music live on the Sunday and had plenty of beers. It’s safe to say that on the Monday morning I was not feeling too great. I felt tired and sicky. But, dee tee had taken time out from working to stay with me so I couldn’t very well stay in bed all day! I decided that we could go to Dunham Massey, an old stately home and gardens. There was an exhibition here which recreated the time in World War One when the house was used as a military hospital. It was super interesting for me, we looked around it after a spot of lunch which was V. tasty.

Then we moved onto looking around the gardens, firstly stopping off at a craft stand where I made my own rose.

It was a bit early to see the gardens in full bloom but they were lovely all the same. 2 sets of roses were flowering, both of which I had a sniff of.

 From the garden we moved to walking around the deer park. I was amazed to see these lovely creatures so close up.

 Around the deer park there were plenty of geocaches. After a bad start we got on a roll and found a few. Some good treasures were to be had, made up for the fact I tripped up and hurt my wrists.

 I liked the marble as it reminded me of dee tees blue eyes 🙂 The keyring is ace as it glows in the dark. There is a travel bug here which I must move on soon. All in all a fab day.


Caching for fitness

After numerous stresses at the end of last year, I piled on some chunk. I tipped the scales at over 13 stone and felt absolutely crap. With a sunny holiday looming I had to up my exercise in order to shed some timber. At first I tried to go on a walk every day, but in between busy night shifts where I am on my feet for 10 hours, it was too much, it was making me ill. I decided to walk on my days off instead. (I’m currently writing this sat in the cemetery after a walk up from town). 
This cache was found on a Saturday morning at about 6am. My crazy body clock had woken me early and I thought I might as well go hunting, it would give me some much needed exercise. I’d say caching is much better than the gym! Off up to the tower I went. This little treasure was found under some rocks in the heather, the clue was very easy. 

The cache was called ‘reservoir view’ but the reservoir wasn’t looking too pretty this windy morning, it was empty. There are lots of caches near to this one but I had taken the wrong path to get to them, something for another day.