Sunnyhurst saunter

I had woken up after my night shift on a Sunday afternoon and the day was nice enough to go for a wander , so off I set with dee tee on a cache hunt.

Firstly we arrived at sunnyhurst wood and I was very delighted to find a fairies house, I wrote out a wish for them to look at and left some treasure in return for my wish being granted πŸ™‚

Dee tee had his new sat map thing with all the caches on, but it wasn’t working too well! For one cache we couldn’t find the right spot, and near another there were too many chav muggles with dogs. Dee tee finally found one and it was from reading the description and not from the GPS, he did well to find it, he’s learning well. And there was treasure to be had, snagged this dino …

Β Onwards and upwards , very upwards up donkey brew, I stroked a horse and left some raisins in a bird feeding trough. Had a nice beer at the top of the hill, slipped down well πŸ™‚ We sat outside, although it was sunny it was chilly, cuddles kept me warm πŸ™‚ We then went for a meal at the Rock inn tockholes , wasn’t the best meal I’ve had taste wise but good because I was with my love. πŸ’œ


An update

So , here is a quick update, I have not posted on this blog for a while. The thing is, I split up with my geocaching partner M. After that I felt bit sad to go geocaching as it was something we shared together and had some good times doing. Then I thought, well it’s my hobby, I introduced him to it and I was doing it before him, so I should continue!

Back in February I went to London for a seminar about self love πŸ™‚ Whilst catching the train from London Euston I thought it would be rude not to grab a sneaky cache. I wanted to get it on previous trips but had not had chance. I thought I had got away with signing the log without many muggles being about, only to then realise there was a bus stop full of people stood behind me.

The log mentions my new and true love dee tee πŸ’œ

At the beginning of March I thought I would show dee tee the delights of geocaching, and we went to Wycollar park near Burnley, a place I had passed many times and thought it looked interesting as it had an art installation there. The first hunt did not go well, we looked all over near a duck pond and there was nothing to be seen, I wondered what dee tee must’ve been thinking. Then, in the pouring soggy rain, we walked up to the Pendle atom , a metal structure on top of the hill which is a lovely vantage point, it is near here that dee tee got his first cache πŸ™‚

  Above is a rock I bought in the gift shop, it is painted in the form of the Pendle atom and I got it as a souvenir of our first afternoon out together. Our sogginess was dried by a nice brew in the warm tea shop afterwards πŸ™‚