Bushey Bimble

I arrived at Bushey near London around tea time on Monday to visit my friend at her new home. She suggested a quick geocache adventure before having something to eat. The nearest one turned out not to be that near really, it was as the crow flies but we would have to walk a long way round to get it in reality. It was decided to drive as close as we could to the cache and it wasn’t long before we were at the correct spot in a small urban nature reserve, under large pylons. I was looking in the wrong places but D the novice cacher found the right location under a little bridge, it was up to me to recognise the cache box as she overlooked it , not knowing what she was looking for. I took this.


And I did my first travelbug drop off πŸ™‚
By now it was about 6pm we went for a coffee on the main road while waiting for my friends husband to finish work so we could get a takeaway , I think that was enough caching for D for one day πŸ™‚



Buzz around Burnley

I am on my way to London and I am not going to see M this week due to my trip and then work, so we decided to meet up for a quick spot of Sunday afternoon caching. We went to the coldwell activity centre where M does his volunteering work, it is a lovely place in the hills near to a reservoir. We gathered a few caches in this area and M showed me around the gardens and poly tunnel at the centre.
I tasted a few of the strawberries which were growing.

I admired the garden which had a wild feel, I liked what they did with these tyres.

Always on the lookout for wildlife I was happy to see lots of bees enjoying themselves.

Following the activity centre we drove about doing a lot of ‘park and grab’ caches. I love how geocaching takes me places I’d never think of going to, this is sad but we saw some really awesome dry stone walls! And an interesting spire on a hill which is apparently an ancient burial site. Here is purple Rona waiting for us while we explore.

So lastly my treasures, which are a bit rubbish, including a very damp coloured thing, I leave way better treasure ! Maybe the treasure will be better down south πŸ™‚

M did quite like the badge.


The last is a stealth pic on this train while someone sits across from me πŸ™‚



Well I’m still getting my head around this blogging thing, ive wrote this post twice and lost it!
So last week I went glamping to the Forest of Bowland. My first experience of glamping was earlier in the year at a music festival where I stayed in an uncomfortable , soggy bell (or should I say HELL) tent. Determined not to let this experience put me off, we booked this hut in the woods.


Looks like an old shack but it was so cosy inside with the wood burner and rustic wood furniture.

My mental health was not very good this week, depression, anxiety and body dysmorphic disorder making me want the ground to swallow me up, but the fact we were the only ones there in the forest helped to ease my anxiety a little.
Here is our view to the lake, you can just about see a tree swing which I enjoyed πŸ™‚

The glamping was close to a stately home, the family of which owned the whole wyresdale estate. We had a good walk round on the Tuesday and collected quite a few geocaches, we were still aching by Friday! Lovely views were to be seen.

Here is the swag I collected. One very special item here, my first travel bug which is currently winging it’s way to London πŸ™‚



geocache blog

Hello blog world. I am dipping my toes into you, and here’s why.

In January I met up with an old friend, she asked me if I would like to go geocaching, something I had heard of but I had no idea what it was really. I was a bit dubious and at first I thought it was all a bit crazy as we scrabbled about in the dirt looking for plastic boxes, but, I really enjoyed it.

I downloaded the geocaching app and I was soon finding treasures on my own, this new hobby has taken me to some lovely places that I would never have thought of going to before (it has taken me to some dodgy rubbish filled dog dirt places too!). It has helped make exercise fun, walking up a hill is better when there is treasure at the end. When I met my boyfriend I already loved to walk and would regularly take myself off on long treks, but he didnt like walking ‘for no purpose’ and this really disappointed me, and to be honest made me wonder if I could be with someone who didnt like the outdoors, but thankfully he now loves to come exploring with me to find treasure πŸ™‚

Ever a big kid at the age of 35, my favourite part of caching was the toys and tat in the boxes. I started a scrap book which has my finds glued in , with a short description of where I found them. I like my scrap book but it limits me to keeping only the flat things I find so that they will fit in the book, even then , the book is getting bulky and cumbersome, hence the blog!

In this blog I can take anything I want from a cache and take a photo to post here, I can also log my finds in more detail, even if I do not find any treasure. Maybe no-one will read this but is for my own pleasure and recollection really. I look forward to having more adventures and writing about them soon.